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4329 VCP,route Hexagon B Sqn QRL On Patrol 2 days R&R in Kuwait 169 207 384 2619 on my way home! Booties on Op Telic 1 op telic Shaibah on day 3 pre pizza hut etc B Sqn QRL On Patrol Party at the palace The Great Wall of Shaibah Public order training So this is what a minefield looks like
  1. Goatman
    43 wessex near Az Zubayr ?
  2. brewmeister
    Salamanca Coy Rifle Volunteers, Basra Palace Telic 4
    ahhhhhhhh the good old boy's
  4. Beret_or_helmet
    ive been after this pic for yonksd!!!! good tour!! :D must pm me so i can get a copy!!! thanks...honey...