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Not sure if this should be in serious or comedy pics
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A-5 Vigilante 4526 Me outside St.Kilda Medical Centre 1988 Armed Forces Day 2009 70 09re 1 Scots Assaye Elephant 2185 2410 201 bty 100reg Troop on parade Guard of Honour Soviet War Memorial Berlin Flax Street Mill 1974 Army Aviation Memorial Tree Alrewas 1974 16 sqn Ice luge at Headley Court xmas party
Not sure if this should be in serious or comedy pics
  1. Flyertiff
    Thats a short 100 metres for the guy on the right. Must be bullet proof or just nails. 8O
  2. Oracle
    Can't see that clause being added to our rules of engagement. ..... "sir, I shot the unarmed civvy because he was 25 metres away". "Well done son. Now go to jail forever".
  3. Mister_Angry
    Should be: "If you can read this I'm shooting at you" :wink:
    could cause problems if you cant read
  5. Cloggie
    Only for a few seconds.....