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Dale and THAT cup! M-Dee and Toner...... More Jelly shots..... Isle of Man ARRSE crawl ???? Liz GreenGrass and Stumpy, Puppy Love....... Adonwar and Recce, the beginnings of a beautiful friendship..... 2395 TOPCAT Poppy and Papa G11 has a (pished) reflective moment... Embra 05 Baby Borainne Jest, Poppy and Liz Fish and Bernie..Is Fish grabbing Bernies arrse? G11 introduces pretty boy Adon to his pain fetish......
  1. dwills
  2. BitterandTwistedArtisan
    :lol: i think you could be right Dwills :lol:
  3. gado
    Proud proud moment for the whole country. I love lawrence! Didn't realise it was an arrse piss up tho!