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Beatrice and Eugenie Spotters' Guide This is what happens when a yank has been drinking for 45 mins at a party! Something Freudian Fukitol :-) Heineken.  Preferred by More New Orleans Looters. 2089 2292 What George did next Just Do it 2992 Tattooist in Sennelager??? 3515 I misread this as Army Cadet Magazine Winter 2005 GetALife
  1. solar_powered
  2. black8
    And those imortal word continued to ring out into the night as she cried "NEXT" :twisted:
  3. Fang_Farrier
    What some folk will do to get a taxi!
  4. Murielson
    This doesn't show the huge queue of blokes awaiting their turn on the ride - or is that ride on the turn??
    Last time I drink Vodka, it made my fanny all sore.