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Cute to die for yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Accident with porcupine BG/CP Elephants! Go England!!!! Falcon On My Fence Cute to die for 2127 This is one mean Guard Dog! Molly 5345 Cute to die for Wonky and  Izzy Alfie Winnie.  Part Staffy, part Egyptian Fighting Dog, completely cool 3820
  1. Cutaway
    What was it fired out of ?
  2. bernoulli
  3. Mighty_doh_nut
    I hope it lands on a big spike......... or a mine
  4. Henry_Tombs
    I think he has just seen Poppy's pussy on the other side of this page! 8O
  5. Goatman
    ya-a-a-a-a-y! Someone else with a proper dog! Mad Border Collie heading for KIBBLE! :lol: