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1013 Bryan 1145 Pax Vobiscum heres one for the lads - best wishes - Duggie_chester - more to follow!!! Slippery when wet! 1806 2106 Oldsnowy hiding behind the C Sativa bully and smoojalooge go to war telic 1 hey goodlooking - fnar fnar! The Army broke me, and now this is my playground - and I get paid to play here! Coffee time. Birddog and Nookie 3883 Stockers in Speedos
  1. borainne
    you should have seen it before the Op
  2. pitbull
    See, somebody else has seen you there doing your Lily Savage. The worst lies are those that you tell yourself!!
  3. Proximo
    Excellent t-shirt. Nice one.
  4. Ventress
    Medders, have you bought or rented that syrup?
  5. bandofblubbers
    interesting choice of photo...most rigor mortice cases I encounter don't have that irregular hair colour