2 Para Memorial

2 Para Memorial at Goose Green
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We will remember them! Falklands 1982 2 Para Memorial Falklands Parade Edinburgh 14 June 2007 Port Stanley 3 PARA C COY Port Stanley 5466 AFTER THE BATTLE OF GOOSE GREEN-FALKLANDS 1982 THE NIGHT AFTER THE BATTLE OF GOOSE GREEN-OPERATION CORPORATE -FALKLANDS WAR 1982 Falklands 25 FALKLANDS WAR 1982 FALKLANDS WAR 1982
2 Para Memorial at Goose Green
  1. Detmold_Drunk
  2. Geordie_Blerk
    Swagon, I read about the RAF's history and all I could gather is the RAF invented homosexuality, raylon trousers and compensation culture. The RAF Regt are the military junta of the RAF but still enjoy mutual masturbation whilst on Ops.
  3. hodgy1
    a bit of respect please people..pic is of soldiers lost in battle,,
  4. Squiggers
    Swagon, you're a complete arse, you know that? And i agree - RIP lads.
  5. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    what has a photo of a drop-short stood by the 2 Para memorial got to do with the RAF Regt?