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Speedy Halloween Ok here goes, I'm ready to be slaughtered and called all the munters under the sun lol, but this is 1146 1308 1351 1463 1984 I love metric units.... bully and smoojalooge go to war telic 1 pic 2 Fat boy in the middle is me Rincewind the WREN Pizza heeed 4216 Indoobs Christmas - Telic 7 Ouch.
  1. Geordie_Blerk
    Well feck me sideways Mr H*****. Long time no see. Drop me a PM.
  2. scousemech
    Geordie Blerk cant find your profile you will have to mail me give us a clue
  3. scousemech
    Well done biscuits but how do you know he's a little c*nt he might be a big c*nt
  4. pomps
    they've just seen anya walk in... enough to shock the dead that!
  5. buster179595
    it's a fekkin dwarf for the hills men