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Really me this time, just after my Spring shearing T34 1270 Gravelbelly, circa 1979 on the lash Ranger_kakaw 2808 1973..... Sponsored walk evidence Atko & Smuge after a long and dusty day Play Girl Phot Shot The fizzog behind the name 4550 Me and a Mucker on a FTX - isle of wight 2005 Cloggie and Kaye(who i'm happy to shay is my partner and alsho...) on exshercize with the krayshee s Pointy toes!
  1. AbsoluteJEM
    :D Smudge you took the words right out of my mouth...
  2. BagCharge
    That was my best shirt you gits :D
  3. counterstrike
    love to see your worst one! 8O
  4. BagCharge
    Strangely enough, those shirts were de'rigger in those days. And you think its not a Levi Jacket because ???
  5. G_D_Q_D_G
    shit its jimmy carr...