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John Frost Bridge Arnhem Cyre Precision Multicam Combat Pants AC dscn0114 This and that HMS Superb off Gibraltar Ice luge Save the Scottish Regiments 1696 motley crew Outside Troop Hanger Falklands 1987 Taken in 1987 outside Troop hanger in the Falklands 2945 Parachuting Branntwein 3470 My BC & BK ala The Krays Ronnie & Reggie
  1. semper
    worth a try after all they already chop heads off and bomb London, i would annouce that all suicide bombers remains would be wrapped in pigskins and strips of bacon which would mean they wouldn't get into paradise after all in the end :lol: ,also make sure guilty insurgents are wrapped in pig skin, bacon anything piggy in order to make them confess or threaten to bury them in it when executed.:twisted:
  2. BronzeWhaler
    Confessions extracted by bacon butty.
  3. Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway
    MMmmmmmmmmmmm, baaaaaacon (said in a Homer Simpson stylee voice).
  4. the_matelot
    I'd love to parachute a pig into Mecca or Medina :twisted:
  5. CGS
    Perhaps what is happening now is due to this kind of treatment...