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Chavopoly - a must for this Christmas Google is ALWAYS your friend Most of which comes out of urban75! At home with Tony. Cat Carrier 1291 1342 1533 Is this the real Ducati ? Amusingly named companies: Fücker Reisen :-o Something for your tea sir? L33t news or future news ? 2483 Why Marry? 2651
  1. J_D
    Salmon or trout?
  2. ctauch
    if it's you bike anya I suspect week old tuna...would have mistaken the creature with you but the hair color is all wrong
  3. J_D
    hell least the bear is cute..................well unlike you ctauch. But we can't all be blessed
  4. ctauch
    right o anya...considering the comment is coming from a gwar like you there is a hint of humor
  5. J_D
    see all that hate, don't be jealous!