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Rincewind the Wizzard Strikes again Dopey Training Working Hard... 505 AmberSpyglass HantsTiger 801 1395 1428 Goatman, Telic One This is my Faceparty disguise The FAME/JSART team Dad in The Field kiss my fat arse! 3566
    Went out with a bird like this once, scratched the spot on her forehead and won a brand new Rover
  2. Its_a_troop!!
    Delta 2 stand down do not shoot the hostages!
  3. strikeforce
    some clearasil needed then? still wouldn't joust it though.
  4. Taffnp
    Put the veil back on
  5. Idontgetit
    .....Veil on a Hindu, nice one, spoon 8O ...If this girl is reckoned to be a MINGA, Specsavers are due for some steady business...JHC and to think they put such critters drunk in charge of loaded weapons :D :roll: