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B Sqn QRL On Patrol Slave Night Telic 3 arrse-lick??? Iraqi hardware 2 ZSU-23/4 yanks in basra Shorts.. the army's secret weapon,designed to distract the insurgents aim,... by laughter! 1391 How the Yanks deal with illegal parking in Baghdad Piper McGlen, Basra Palace 4325 Hearts and minds B Sqn QRL On Patrol 5391 Telic 3 storm Me and Saddam
  1. Ozgerbobble
    Is that a sheep tied to your back bin? Baaaaahhhhh :lol:
  2. monkeyhanger768
    Why is the flag upside down?
  3. sandmanfez
    The flag is upside down because the crew are cheeky blo*dy leek-munchers, and they're having a pop at us.
  4. Bad_Crow
    Good drills though. We should have all done it
  5. petnapper