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7174 Bad CO at Work Rincewind is the Fat bloke with the Queens Colour Micky_Dees.. bambi burgers again 1129 just one more please 1375 1830 I used to be in a boy band Runaway Runaway!!! It's me BREN gun!! Sponsored walk evidence 201 bty 100reg coudn't resist it Me Walt-posing
  1. TheLordFlasheart
    I wouldnt consider posting your picture on here 'ballsy' to be quite honest. If you are daft enough to put your mug up, take the flack. Thanks for your opinion, noted. Storming a machine gun nest in yer Y fronts would be 'ballsy'.
  2. Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway
    I'd still shag her 8)
  3. Hitlerwasabitnaughty
    Me too - simmet or no simmet.
  4. IndianaDel
    Congrats on the Vellum Liz
  5. Proximo
    Nice. On the list as well. :D