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Blewbury Centre - Post hack pose Stumpt NAAFI bar Armagh 82 Milan Sect, B Coy, 1PWO, Bosina '93 (Op Grapple 2) weapons training at Barrybudden camp HVM Boy's Gash What the F..K am I doing here Papa_Lazaroo takes over as the gun subs ammo number 1360 Arrival of Napierette - 10 Jul 05 Now that was a good Party.... On Patrol 2803 Pullthrough Crabby - Do your worse... 3850 4538
  1. Door_Bundle_Mk2
    Is that the ACF armoury or Airsoft?
  2. The-Hog
    Your still ugly LP!!!
  3. CardinalSin
    man..I'd hate to do orderly officer 100% serial check of weapons there.
  4. Toroscot
    never really thought of using my rifle to build the wall of defence before... try running up that crap...
  5. armchair_jihad
    Is this from the set of Lord of War?