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Gren, hand, Patt TCH Rapierman before the babrbie! Tall and straight 615 West Belfast Summer 1983 1013 Bryan 1145 Pax Vobiscum heres one for the lads - best wishes - Duggie_chester - more to follow!!! Slippery when wet! 1806 2106 Oldsnowy hiding behind the C Sativa bully and smoojalooge go to war telic 1 hey goodlooking - fnar fnar!
  1. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    white sand!!!
  2. ducati916
    fcuking storm trooper :lol:
  3. Speedy
    At least some people still get proper winters!
  4. Sleeper_service
    Does my arse look big in this?
  5. Baghdad-Brit
    vorsprung durch boxhead