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5163 Born & Bredin the field... 6821 Bob_Ainsworth_Says__War_What_War Look out! Lurking.. A favourite sport! Highly trained Combat Hamster sets up MG34 in the light role during a foreign wpns lesson 1047 Resus Anne Gets Roasted Be Very Very Quite .................................. Running the MOD is like making love to a beautiful woman Hitler youth fund raising event! 4521 Dutch 5164 The Army - Priceless
  1. abeaumont
    Bomb bay doors open please, ready to launch Weapons of Mass Destruction
  2. Foxtrot_Oscar
    you mean weapon of ass destruction
  3. Awol
    That's the recommend brace position when the engines appear to have stopped.
  4. TheLordFlasheart
    So, mdn, tell me what it is then? (Feckin terry potter).
  5. Awol
    A26C Invader.