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Album: Sgt Slingsby

Sgt Slingsby

Updated Apr 9, 2012
Slingsby telling Blair he's a cnut  
Slingsby showing off his new Kilt  
Slingsby with a Grubby H/cav deviant  
Sgt Slingsby at Edinburgh Castle with VC  
Cenotaph London  
Slingsby trying to tamper with the Royal family  
Slingsby watches  
Ladies Slingsby watch  
Anything to Declare?  
Slingsby on way to Embra Castle to complete his challenge  
Slingsby getting arrested for drunk and disorderly at the ARRSE Embra crawl 2005  
Help for Heroes bear 'HERO'  
pprune? Who?  
After Gliders this should be a doddle  
At least it wasnt pink!  
Hmm..whats this OTC thing all about...didn't have it in my day!!  
My day out with Abacus!  
Slingsby exercises his map reading skills!  
Slingsby & Cait have a moment!  
Heavens opened on Pen Y Fan  
Bear Behind!  
Cait & Slingsby on top of Pen Y Fan  
Sgt Slingsby - just collected at Edinburgh Airport and being taken to the Kilt Shop  
Sgt Slingsby at ARRSE HQ (Wilts)  
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