Updated Aug 14, 2017
classic Marine Amphib landing  
Early Vietnam at DaNang 531 Sqd  
Blue Tail Fly (F-16/79) with F-14A  
Dutch F-5E guns F-16A in 1st encounter  
Never went to Laos  
Friend plowed in with low pull out  
Bad Ass times at Nellis  
Chu Lai O'Club 1967  
No never Laos  
Never Say Officers didn't work  
The Holy Bo Chu Wee Ranger Command Unit  
369 missions in 6 months back to grunts  
No Shit  
Found the one - 45 yrs now  
1st General Officer Inspection - he never caught on  
Last Flight at Retirement in Holland  
Full of Piss at 26  
Concept of building a place to fly: the Bekaa  
How IAF gunships got behind Syrian Tank Columns  
greatest dog ever  
Bee working on sunflower planted by a bird  
One of those great flying machine ideas: "6th Day"  
Always stay true to your school  
Now a Flanker Driver  
Last TopGun Lecture  
How it all stacked up  
Perhaps the bggest **** Up in Aviation History  
Old friends in their retirement  
Greatest F-16 Ever  
Turkey was King - No Shit  
What all ground troops needed in Afghanistan  
Right Now Su-35 is King  
Line of F-14D's last time Naval Aviation had teeth  
New Guy is a SLUG and the Old Guy can Kick His Ass  
Kind of makes your heart stop  
Eat Shit Hamas  
Yep - Eat it again  
Dragoon Meanest Trike in the Business  
Oh Yea my Instructor  
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