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Fun Stuff

Updated Oct 9, 2016 - Taken at all over
Uncle Sam  
323 Squadron Holland  
Best Book in the Squadron  
No Shit  
Iraqi Air Force 1991  
Best Load for Nam  
Oops crossdeck with Ark Royal  
Mail Stamp  
Visiting Aunt 002  
Visiting Aunt 003  
Visiting Aunt 004  
Visiting Aunt 005  
Visiting Aunt 006  
Visiting Aunt 007  
Visiting Aunt's Daughter 001  
Visiting Aunt's Daughter 002  
Visiting Aunt's Daughter 003  
Another look at the Ark Royal  
And what is his secret?  
When you get a bigger office  
cleaning out the old sea bag  
The Blue Tailed Fly  
Giap's Book in English awesome  
In Laos, where? Never Been There  
Phu Gia Pass 1968  
Phu Gia Pass 1968 (2)  
Phu Gia Pass 2010 not a trace of war  
Street of No Joy 1968  
Street of No Joy 2010  
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