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Yet Another Occasion When The Slovenly Frogs Were Given A Richly-Deserved Slapping

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A Common Sight Throughout French History

Over the years the French have been on the wrong end of some spectacular shoeings. Through Ancient, The Dark Ages, the Medieval and right up to modern times someone has been Frog-slapping every 50 years or so.

Some by us: although there are quite a few more

Without us as allies, the following would have been yet more entries in the column marked A Serious Humping

  • WW1 Probably the worst mistake ever made was allying with the French here. Resulted in millions dead, trench warfare, gas as a weapon, WW2: This Time It's Personal, DeGaulle, beginning of the loss of Empire and increase in French arrogance cause they 'won' a war.

Alternatively... ally with the Germans and the war was over by Xmas, French humbled once more, total war still not realized, Emipre intact with little war debt, USA still a minor player.

After 1945

For further details: See also French & Frogs

For a comprehensive list of Frances back doors being kicked in, see this site

And finally it's an oldie but goldie:

Type "french military victories" into google and hit the I'm feeling lucky button.