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Top of the order of march for the TA (just behind the HAC and R(MON)but you rarely see them) even if some of them defected to the Engineers/Signals/Loggies. Divided into two distinct groups: -

1) The QOY who kept their CVR(T)s and Spartan and Sultan. The Royal Yeomanry is now in the process of converting to this role in addition to the CBRN capabilities it already wields.


2) The rest who have bastardised Landies with telegraph poles stuck on, the fear of every civilised country I'm sure. Splinters must be a killer.

Remain the envy of most infantry types as they have a lovely water heater, BV, reducing the need for hexi telly. Also available at times when the Infantry are having to tab to their location.

In the recce role there's a large emphasis on the dismounted role, as big AV's tend to be noticed. With there being smaller numbers than an infantry platoon, in an Armoured Recce Troop, the job can be very different when dismounted.

The MBT lot generally run around in Landrovers trying not to hit each other. As previously mentioned the Royal Yeomanry also have a CBRN role.

Finally with the suspicious lack of red trousers there is still a large social scene with some bloody good events. Work hard, play hard being the order of the day.