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Wokingham Waster

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Legendary Pub Crawl around Wokingham.

Wokingham's geography ideally lends itself to a pub crawl. The circular route of this particular Leo Sayer starts at the train station, so is ideal for squaddies coming from the nearby Arborfield Garrison.

Route of the Wokingham Waster:

  • Molly Millars (was called Big Hand Mo's for a while in an attempt to sound modern and cool, but has reverted to its original name now.)[1]
  • The Hope & Anchor[2]
  • The Queen's Head[3]
  • The Metropolitan[4]
  • The Ship[5]
  • The Redan[6]
  • The New Rose[7]
  • The Red Lion[8]
  • The Lord Raglan[9]
  • The Crispin[10]
  • The Duke's Head[11]

It is considered polite to do your first circuit on Pints, but subsequent circuits may be carried out on whatever the hell you like, it's not as if anyone cares by that point.