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=Well worth a look=
*Topic of a now legendary thread in the Int Cell - [ Search for a Walt Star]
*Arrse's highest ranking Walt yet - [[caubeen|Caubeen]]
*The disturbing act of [[John Rambo]].
*An early legend in the Walt-hunting world - [[Mike Golden]].
*The sad case of [[Alan Dobison]].
*[[Brian Jennings]] - [[Trumpton]]'s first walt.
*[ Paul "The Reaper" Hartley] - [[Vietnam War]]/[[SEAL]]/[[SWAT]]/[[Top Gun]] [ big timing] walty [ cnut] [[ACF]] [[Sergeant]] and serial liar.
*[[Maurice Mennie]] - eBay [[RMP]] [[airsoft]] [[mong]]. Sad. Very sad indeed.
*When walting goes disastrously wrong I - [[Jamie Barratt]].
*When walting goes disastrously wrong II - [[Simon de Montfort-Broughton]]. Our most contentious walt yet.
*When walting goes disastrously wrong III - [[Jim McAuley]].
*When walting goes disastrously wrong IV - [[The Mall Ninja]].
*When walting goes disastrously wrong V - [[John Pierce]].
*Even wiggers can be walts if you're name is [[Richie C]] - child walt, cnut and spelling error.
*[ Andy Gregory] [[GSM]] - Parachute pilot extraordinaire and 'survivor'.
*The even sadder case of [[Barry Simkins]].
*[[Graham Eckerman]] [[VC]] and [[SBS]] hero... or rather not.
*[ Will it never end?]
*[  Mick Waring] - The walting wife collector.
*[ Phil Elmore] - Steely-eyed nailsy spam megawalt
*[[Walting With Confidence]] - The absolutely essential one-stop guide to walting.
=Where to find them=
=Where to find them=

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Where to find them

Some favourite internet haunts. Some of these are the biz:

  • Prepare to be impressed! [I'm thinking of uploading one of my mates to this site] Collectors' Corner




Not that anyone is suggesting that there is a link between Waltism and obesity. Although a long term study of these creatures does look fairly likely given the popularity of the thread so we'll let you know (unless the greedy b'stards eat our researchers).

Special types of Walting

(thanks to ARRSE chat for these)

  • A-Walting: To go Walting
  • E-Walting: Walting on the internet
  • AWALT: To Walt being AWOL. AKA Blueface
  • Walter PPk: To Walt being James Bond
  • Matlida: Female Australian Walt
  • F Walteen: Flown by Crabwalts
  • D-Walt: Pretending to be a power drill, Can also mean recovering from the sad influence of waltisim.
  • Walter Kronkite: Pretending to be an American Journalist
  • Walter Pistol: A pretend gun
  • WaltMart: A walt shopping on ebay for genuine SAS KFS.
  • Reverse Walting: Not quite Walting... but?
  • Walt-er E Kurtz: Walting as an insane US Special Forces Colonel.
  • Walt-er Koenig: A Walting trekie. Walting a walt? JEEZ, that's bad!
  • Walt Disney: Walting as a cryogenically preserved cartoonist.
  • Woodland Walt: Pretends to be on patrol in a forest.

And last but not least

The Walts National Anthem!