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[[Waltism]] comes in many forms, Not all may be listed down but here are the main types:
==Paintballing Walts==
The kind of middle aged man who delivers parcels in his Mini Metro but at weekends goes and plays paintball with a bunch of kids. They're often seen bringing their own webbing, paintballs and pathetic smoke grenades. They're friends with everyone there but have no friends of their own. See [[airsoft]].
==Pub Walts==
Very common form of a Walt, These specimens are found at the corner of the bar, nursing a pint of [[shandy]] and giving everyone the 'thousand yard stare'. On questioning they will avoid the issue for three seconds before launching into an: 'I shouldn't tell you, but just this once...' story of when they were in [[Bosnia|Bos]] with "[[THEM|Them]]".
==Security Guard Walts==
Waltism is popular amongst security guards of shopping centres, building sites etc. They often claim they are ex-airborne/marine, SAS etc. and to have done missions raiding the [[Iran]]ian Embassy, guarded [[politician]]s and VIPs with '[[THEM|Them]]'. Security guard walts have usually failed in life and have nothing else better to do apart from guarding the aisles of the local ''Kwik Save'' acting the "Supermarket-Tough-Guy". See the likes of [[The Mall Ninja]].
==Woodland (Stick) Walts==
Even odder. Just watch the video... [ Oh Dear!]
==Suicide Walts==
Read [[Su-wah-cide|this]]... it's all you need to know.
==Witchcraft Walts==
It gets worse. This lot believe they have special powers, think that Lord of the Rings is an instruction manual and spend hours honing their skills with Tarot cards. Known to dance around on the heath at midnight naked. Their only purpose is to provide amusement for others, though they are generally harmless. Better known walts in this category:
*Richie 'Deep Purple Rainbow' Blackmore - White Warlock.
*David 'related to God' Icke - Religious walt.
==Gangster Walts==
This sub-group often lie about being involved with notorious criminals, doing drive-by shootings, heists, drug dealing, and growing up in 'The Hood' with their 'Homies'. In reality their only transgressions of the law are [[ASBO]]s, the odd parking fine and dealing aspirins to under 8s. This, however, does not prevent them from larging it about housing estates and gobbing off to complete strangers in a bizarre [[Jamaica]]n ''patois'', even though they've never left [[Ashford]] and are whiter than [[Billy Connoly]] on a sun lounger.
Oddly, their pretentions as crime lords mysteriously vanish when real crims are on the scene, and their accents revert to pure middle class Home Counties. They also have a tendancy to revert to their bedrooms - in their parents' semi - on pain of Da Niggaz Crue smokin' dems asses wiv lead... innit?
==Forces Walts==
Serving members of the forces who pose as something they are not. A classic example are the "''faux'' airborne" who sew wings onto their aprons and claim to have slop jockeyed in 'Nam'.
==Ex-Forces Walts==
This sub-group make up stories about their time in uniform to impress their new [[civvy|civilian]] colleagues and/or employers.  They don't recognise that they are walts at all and usually end up back on [[ARRSE]] bigging it up in the belief that no-one will recognise them.  Consider this recent extract from a rather uncautious new member:  '''"On another note - when constructing your own CV for job hunting, I have found that you can just about make up any kind of bullshit for your military career. You can insert any kind of information during your military service that relates to the job you are going for and potential employers have no way of verifying your claims. If references are asked for then you state that person has been posted, cant trace him etc.."''' ....... ''Really now? Is that so?'' [ Link]
==Retired Officer Walts==
Occasionally a genuine [[officer]] with mild waltism who blags a single rank up.  More likely to be a genuine walt who claims to be [[Major]] so-and-so when his highest rank was [[Lance Jack]] in the [[cadets]].  The latter type are fairly easy to spot as they don't know what ([[Retard|Retd.]]) means and usually talk about their time in the "Real Army" when addressing [[TA]] types.  See also: [ Another Walt Bites the Dust]
==War Criminal Walt==
Unbelivedly the latest category of walt to appear is War Criminal [''No, not Tony Blair'']. Jesse Macbeth claimed to have killed hundreds of Iraqi civilians while on tour in [[Iraq]] with the US Army [[Rangers]]. It turns out he's just a walting [[cnut]] who had only served six weeks in the army before being  kicked out. [ Story here.]
==King of the Walts==
A title hotly open to debate, but the prime contender at the moment is [[Alan McIlwraith]]... until the next [[cnut]] pitches up.
=Well worth a look=
=Well worth a look=

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Well worth a look

  • Arrse's highest ranking Walt yet - Caubeen
  • An early legend in the Walt-hunting world - Mike Golden.
  • When walting goes disastrously wrong III - Jim McAuley.
  • Even wiggers can be walts if you're name is Richie C - child walt, cnut and spelling error.

Where to find them

Some favourite internet haunts. Some of these are the biz:

  • Prepare to be impressed! [I'm thinking of uploading one of my mates to this site] Collectors' Corner




Not that anyone is suggesting that there is a link between Waltism and obesity. Although a long term study of these creatures does look fairly likely given the popularity of the thread so we'll let you know (unless the greedy b'stards eat our researchers).

Special types of Walting

(thanks to ARRSE chat for these)

  • A-Walting: To go Walting
  • E-Walting: Walting on the internet
  • AWALT: To Walt being AWOL. AKA Blueface
  • Walter PPk: To Walt being James Bond
  • Matlida: Female Australian Walt
  • F Walteen: Flown by Crabwalts
  • D-Walt: Pretending to be a power drill, Can also mean recovering from the sad influence of waltisim.
  • Walter Kronkite: Pretending to be an American Journalist
  • Walter Pistol: A pretend gun
  • WaltMart: A walt shopping on ebay for genuine SAS KFS.
  • Reverse Walting: Not quite Walting... but?
  • Walt-er E Kurtz: Walting as an insane US Special Forces Colonel.
  • Walt-er Koenig: A Walting trekie. Walting a walt? JEEZ, that's bad!
  • Walt Disney: Walting as a cryogenically preserved cartoonist.
  • Woodland Walt: Pretends to be on patrol in a forest.

And last but not least

The Walts National Anthem!