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’Really? I was in 37 PARA too!’

The strange phenomenon whereby two walts - who may well not know that the other is a walt - fail to spot that the other is walting and thus believe - or are too scared to call - each other's bullshit and subsequently amplify it.

For example: two fake Falklands veterans each claim to have been aboard the Atlantic Conveyor when it was sunk. They have seen and read enough to know that the captain bore a passing resemblance to the notorious Cap'n Birdseye but know little more than that. As the walt spiral kicks in, they will try to back up each others' bogus stories in order to validate their own lies, in the mistaken belief that the other is genuine.

This is a potentially disastrous situation as a certain school of thought opines that this is how black holes and wormholes in the space time continuum are created. There goes Croydon... and everything else!