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Survivers hike out of the Badlands

Celebrity Endorsements

Willard (Apocalypse Now, while having a shit day and some bad nightmares):

"I was going to the worst place in the world, and I didn't even know it yet. Hours away and hundreds of miles up a motorway that snaked through England like a main circuit cable and plugged straight into Sennybridge. It was no accident that I got to be on exercise in Wales, any more than being given a command appointment was an accident. There is no way to tell this story without telling my own. And if this story is really a confession.............."


Yup, it's that wet, cold, hilly lump on the west of the UK. The one where your heart sinks through the floor as you leave civilisation and head up in to the hills: freezing cold, rain, snow, pine forests, shell scrapes, mud, sheep, no sleep.

There is also a Tankie playground at Castle Martin.

So is there anything ok about the place?

The land of music, Tom Jones, Charlotte Church, and Shirley Bassey; the land of the "Oggie" - it's a glorified pastie; the land of castles at Biwmaris, Conwy, Caernarfon, Caerphilly, Raglan, and Pembroke; the land of Druids, until someone bulldozed the historic sacred sites and parked RAF Valley on top of it .....

... OK! OK! its just hills, rain, hills, sheep, and did I mention the FOGB hills?


Great quote from 50's film The Vikings

Egbert (James Donald) "There is a great prize in Wales"

Ragnar (Ernest Borgnine) "That slag heap of a country, it's not worth one days raid!"

But you can live there right?

Includes Bridgend, a town so fucking awful that the residents are topping themselves at an unprecedented rate to escape the shoitehole!