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Vauxhall Nova

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GRRRR! Take me seriously!

Preferred mode of transport for legions of chavs, the Nova is noteworthy for having a similar carrying capacity to the Chinook. These cars can often be seen tear-arsing around Tescos car park with as many as fifteen spotty-faced neds shoehorned in to them. Owners regularly devalue their vehicles by spending more money on them than they're actually worth. Quite odd.

Modifications include:

  • Spoiler. Why? I have no idea! And the thing usually looks like it was pinched off of a WW1 biplane.
  • Exhaust pipe(s) so wide you could fit an elephant up it/them. Why? I have no idea!
  • Under car lighting. I assume so you can see how tidy the car is when it runs over you.
  • Viper Stripes (AKA Go-Faster Stripes). How the hell does sticking stripes make the car go faster?

Sad Euro-fact. The reason Nova was changed to Corsa was that the GM factory in Spain thought it amusing that we in the UK would import a car that in Spanish meant 'Doesn't Go'.

Have seen a chav'ed up Escort with a tape deck... now that's retro chav'ing!

Make an arrse of your Nova here

Over 80000 photos of chavved up cars. Drivers of cars like this are known as Barry Boys.