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STAB VM hence Vermin, WA = With atitude (some say problem)

Likes; Women, beer, naked women, naked willing women, old stylie range stew and pizza. Oh and tits, love tits!

Dislikes; Cherie Blair, the smell of OEP220, Tony Blair, parking tickets, John Prescott, AFV432 tiller bushes, left wing idiots, celery, fcuking hate celery, Arther Scargill, religion, the inland revenue, hangovers, long pubes, long ginger pubes, sunday drivers, chavs, Vauxhall Nova's, Foden Recovery GS 6x6.

Hates; FAT BIRDS! Whatever anyone tells you, it is not ok to be fat, yeah your tits maybe big but so is your arrse! You are not ill, it is not a genetic default, it is not a thyriod problem, you are GREEDY and LAZY!!