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It is suspected that this user might be a Sock Puppet or similarly feeble-minded individual in the clutches of Blondebint.

If this is not the case, please raise your case with a SysOp or Moderator.

Please refer to contributions for evidence. See block log

Doctrine is the shy, innocent, quietly-spoken and thoughtful girlfriend of a dashing young soldier. She is relatively new to Arrse and has only made a few postings. She is a regular visitor to the Current Affairs and Intelligence Cell forums and is a keen advocate of a healthy lifestyle. Doctrine likes to go swimming, walk in the countryside and surf the internet in her spare time. A considerate lady who tries to make relevant and informative posts on a wide range of safe and uncontroversial topics.


Doctrine was previously known as pentwyn.....BANNED

Prior to that, it was known as mercedes.....BANNED

Prior to that, it was known as toshiba.....BANNED

Prior to that, it was known as Lawstudent.....BANNED

Prior to that, it was known as Yannie.....Guess what? BANNED

Habitual troll to the Army Rumour Site and uses the site for 'therapy'. Compulsive personality disorders have ensured it has actually argued with itself and even proved itself wrong on many occasions (having started an argument then contradicted itself many times). Dubious reports (mainly from its own account) that it has a soldier (Gurkha) boyfriend who, by Doctrines own admission, is married. The fact is, it hasnt. It is in fact a virgin. Not through religious or moral reasons, more due to it looking like Bernard Mannings wank sock and its bizarre stalking tendancies.

Best avoided. If it attaches itself onto you like an Alien style creature, the only cure is to pay it a visit. I'm sure if you ask nicely, its residence can be found.

Doctrine/pentwyn. Each time you edit, it will just be returned to this to inform the members of who you are. Best option for you would be to go to a site that appreciates your style of stalking and mongness.

Currently posting as user:warrant. Still a mong and still as popular as a fart in a space suit.