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Doctrine is the shy, innocent, quietly-spoken and thoughtful girlfriend of a dashing young soldier. She is relatively new to Arrse and has only made a few postings. She is a regular visitor to the Current Affairs and Intelligence Cell forums and is a keen advocate of a healthy lifestyle. Doctrine likes to go swimming, walk in the countryside and surf the internet in her spare time. A considerate lady who tries to make relevant and informative posts on a wide range of safe and uncontroversial topics.


Doctrine was previously known as pentwyn.....BANNED

Prior to that, it was known as mercedes.....BANNED

Prior to that, it was known as toshiba.....BANNED

Prior to that, it was known as Lawstudent.....BANNED

Prior to that, it was known as Yannie.....Guess what? BANNED

  • I can do this all day. Go away please.

PLEASE Darth_DoctrinusTalk&Contribs

Darthy what can you do all day As for most of the comments regarding my personal life yes I am seeing a British officer also I am not as pure as you say