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Fairly new to ARRSE, joined in 26 September 2005.

Clanker is 37 years old living in a coastal town on the south east of the U.K

Clankers career is a research & development technician at a Pyrotechnics company,supplying the security industry and DSTL and Qinetiq.

Clankers main interests are ACF, and has been a Instructor for approx 14 years and is a Lieutenant, and staunchly supports and defends the organisation, his biggest downfalls though are lager at mess prices, egg banjo`s, good fitting 95 trousers on birds, and blondes in black stockings / holdups, not in this order though!

Socially Clanker, like`s the good old pub or bar, cinema and reading.

A group of Clankers co-horts usually gather and pub crawl around his home town, seven pubs between his house and the main part of town, eat, drink and spend too much money.

Clanker, has a good sense of humour and is friendly, and opens his hand of friendship to all, and will see the funny side to most things, like most ARRSE`s has a sarcastic side, be warned.

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