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To become a registered user of ARRSE you need to complete the registration process. Having done this you will be able to log in every time you visit.


Users are able to:


There is a ranking system currently in operation that is based on the number of posts that a user has made.

Famous Users

There have been many users who have gained a degree of notoriety in their time including:

  • BB - although it would appear no longer an active user she continues to be one of the most talked about users the site has had...
  • Leanne - another user who it would appear is no longer with us. She livened up the site with her constant innuendo and straight talking!
  • Auld Sapper - handler of the legendary Stumpy immortalised in one of the longest running threads on the site
  • MDN - famous or notorious .....
  • LNV - Not really a user but LadyNavyVet certainly made the headlines

Random Users

If you are going to edit one of these users then please put them in the Category of User by adding the following text at the top of the page: [[Category:User]]