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University of London OTC

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Also known as 1 University London Rifles (1ULR) (The University of London Officers Training Corps)

Comprises of 3 companies. Athlone company is the first year training company. B coy has 7 troops. Each troop is associated to a different corp or regiment. There is RA, RAC, R Sigs, Infantry, RE, REME, and RLC.

C Coy is the Cadre company and is responcible running the POD and TAPO course.

Famed for the "Stonehouse Masacre" of 1994 when on the same night there were Mexican waves during the dinner, the CO was heckled by the 2i/c, the PMC stood up and shouted "be quiet you foul-mouthed cnuts!", and afterwards Hans the Nutty German Para swam the Tamar, a cav officer threw up on the CO's shoes, the Adj took a 2 am parade so drunk he could hardly stand up, "Nobby" Clarke swamped in the middle of the parade square, Capt Ed "Prize Turnip" got smacked square in the chops by an OCdt, "Knuckles" got caught shagging some bird in the back of a 4-tonner, the RSM had a fight with the RSM of 42 Cdo, and the PSI's threatened to resign en masse.

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