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University was always the place to go for the future leaders of industry, commerce, the military and the Civil Service. Intellectuals and academics would enter, converse, study hard and exit with a degree marking them as vastly superior to the rest of the World.

This, however, has all changed. University is now a three year exercise in excessive alcoholism and overspending coupled with an in-depth education of daytime television. Courses such as Wine Tasting, Happiness (seriously - Courtesy of the University of East London) and even David Beckham Studies have ruined the reputation of British universities.

Consequently it is now possible for someone possessing the most basic of qualifications to obtain entry. As such, universities have become nothing more than an excuse to waste three years of your life, approximately £20,000 and probably half your liver whilst you wonder what the rest of your life will entail.

However, some students will still study hard, achieve a decent qualification and leave university with the satisfaction that they have actually done something worthwhile. They will enter straight into a job on a wage that their lesser qualified friends and colleagues have been on since they started working at sixteen, and promptly realise that they 'should have become a plumber'. Some even make Sandhurst!

In short, modern university = big fun + little work (the internet does it for you) + lots of money + waste of time.

For a more comprehensive list of the challenging courses offered by British Universities, please see here [1]

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