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Ulster Defence Regiment

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Ulster Defence Regiment

Formed in 1970, the UDR was at the time the largest regiment in the British Army with eleven battalions The UDR was designed to replace the hated 'B Specials' (Class B Special Contables) of the Ulster Special Constabulary.

The regiment was reduced to nine battalions in 1984, then to seven in 1991 through amalgamations, before being amalgamated as a whole with the Royal Irish Rangers in 1992 to form the Royal Irish Regiment.

The Ulster Defence Regiment was presented with its Colours by Her Majesty the Queen in 1991 and on 23rd July of that year the (then) Secretary of State for Defence Tom King announced to the Commons that - as part of the restructuring of the armed forces - that the regiment was to merge with the Royal Irish Rangers. A year later the merger of the regiments was complete and UDR formed the Home Service battalions of the Royal Irish Regiment.

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