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Sikorsky designed medium-lift multi-role utility helicopter.
Sikorsky designed medium-lift multi-role utility helicopter.

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Sikorsky designed medium-lift multi-role utility helicopter.

The only front-line helicopter in US Army service not to be named after an Ind...sorry, Native American tribe, which is always a good bit of trivia. Has achieved good export success in its various guises. Indeed, one can find this example of Cold War design in service with the Peoples' Republic of China. Westland tried building one, the WS-70, but lost out in competition. The helicopter is allergic to RPGs.

First production UH-60A built in 1978, designed to replace the Huey. Standard load of 11 troops, though 20 could be squeezed in if they carried smaller soldiers. S-70 is the civilian designation, frequently used for export in military cases for political expediency. "Yes, we are selling a civilian chopper. Please ignore the dipping sonar, radar, and weapons hardpoints"

In terms of weapons, they made sure to leave room for door gunners between the pilots and the main compartment. Much advertising was made of the External Stores Support System pylons, with gun pods, Hellfire missiles (designated by Apaches) and whatnot, but they are rarely fitted, and usually only with fuel tanks.

Hawk Names: (Just to show how hard it is to keep track of things...)

Black Hawk: Standard military transport. A, L, P versions. Q is modified for medevac. Presidential Hawk: VH-60N. Marine One, the President's ride. Pot Hawk: UH-60As used by the Customs Service. Curiously, for a federal agency, they are painted black. Hmm. Desert Hawk: Export model, designed to work better in the desert. Quick Fix: EH-60 electronic warfare chopper. Night Hawk: HH-60D. Built one. Decided the electronics were too expensive, so ditched the electronics. Chopper without electronics proved useless. Cancelled. Rescue Hawk: HH-60A, Air Force rescue chopper. Goes to pick up shot-down pilots. Also the name of a Navy SAR variant. Credible Hawk: (Really). Sort of special-ops, rescue mongrel, used by the USAF Pave Hawk: MH-60G: Special Operations chopper. Also used for deep rescue. Has lots of expensive gadgetry. The inflight refuelling boom is a general giveaway for this one. Velcro Hawk: Semi-official recognition given to modifications of MH-60s by unit-level attaching of gadgets more by ingenuity than design. Sea Hawk: Navy chopper. Usually painted grey, not green, and has the tailwheel closer to the main gear so that it fits on frigate helo pads. Ocean Hawk: Another Navy version. Is designed more for carrier ops than to work from tin cans. Thunderhawk: Taiwanese Ocean Hawk. Jayhawk: HH-60J: Coast Guard SAR bird.