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Trousers Lightweight

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Olive green, polycotton, trousers - aka "denims", in a nod to the 1950s when they were actually made of denim. Usually half again their weight at manufacture, due to the enormous amounts of spray starch applied during their lifetime. Typically worn with Boots DMS and Jersey Heavy Wool.

Of course, being polycotton, they dried wonderfully quickly. And melted all over your legs at the first hint of flame. Responsible for all that dark green crap on the bottom of irons (remember people, only medium heat for synthetics) and the resulting boost to the British iron-cleaner industry.

Nothing quite like sitting in the NAAFI looking for a VPL on a pair of nicely fitting Lightweights on some Doris Those were the days...

Some people would savagely iron / starch the outsides of their lightweights, rendering them a very pale green, whilst leaving the inner side untouched. Goodness knows what the symbolism was about; no doubt some learned sociologist could write a paper on it one day. Whoever thought this had anything to do with lesbians is no doubt some dribbling old fool whose memory is slowly slipping beneath the waves and is re-assembling various random reminiscences in a rather bizarre fashion...

Only REMFs would sew in creases.