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"Cyber-Trolls have the Dark Tetrad of personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism. These traits are prevalent among Internet trolls because they are prototypical everyday sadists"(Psychology Today). 

Malign Influence Trolls (MiTs)

Malignant foreign actors i.e. Kremlin trolls and homegrown covert propagandists - anti-Brexit and politico trolls - carry out influence and destabilisation operations. They spread politically divisive messages via mickey mouse social media accounts and avatars.

These clowns flatter themselves with grand titles - 'Influence Ops' - when they're actually trolling shitcvnt dullards. ARRSE hosts several incompetent and compromised buffoons who haven't grasped the 'covert ops' concept:

  • Users '184461' and 'KGB_resident' (Russian Trolls)
  • EU flunky Remainer trolls on shift work, permanently posting agitprop in the Brexit threads
  • Closet anti-Semites and propagandists promulgating criticism of Israel
  • Right Wing and far-right activists, doing what they always do best

Toxic Trolls

Increasingly a blight on ARRSE - esp. since the Brexit fiasco attracted numerous toxic fucktards to this site -: Internet trolls disrupt online discourse through inflammatory, hostile, or absurd posts, every day, for years. Self-awareness fail; absolutely uncivilised and retarded. Nasty ARRSE trolls exhibit Machiavellian sociopathy and they're often naively regarded as 'decent sorts', when they're offline. They are not decent sorts, they are psychos, being themselves online.

Vampire Sociopaths

Trolls like to provoke arguments in order to 'feed' on hostile responses, an addiction akin to vampires and blood. Studies link this noxious behaviour to bullying, and to narcissism which is one of the "dark traits" identified by psychologists alongside psychopathy, Machiavellianism and sadism (article). The ARRSE Troll's favourite goading line: "ignoring me is weak", is classic controlling behaviour prevalent in wife-beating and sociopathy.

Sick Cunts

Cunts with disorders from toxic social media, but also political-junkie retards, are increasingly using ARRSE as their dystopian playground. Science suggests that the Internet Troll is merely a noxious and sadistic psychopath, suffering from multiple disorders. In short they are not funny, they are mentally unwell. Don't feed the mongs; on the evidence and in most cases: their inability to check themselves is due to the psychosis.

ARRSE's Arseholes

The site's long-term and singularly unpopular, nasty Trolls include*:

  • Graculus (Brexit troll)
  • Brotherton Lad (Brexit troll)
  • Baglock (SPOTY, Leftwing extremist and Brexit troll. Also known as Shittinginabag)
  • B_Squared a.k.a. Far_King_L (butthurt socialist minoritarian)
  • There are several other stupid cunts scribbling in various threads

NB*: Some trolls are paid to post and argue on social media, while others do it for kicks.

==Common Types of ARRSE Troll==

There are four common species within the genus:

  1. The Multiple Personality Disorder sufferer
  2. The Attention Whore a.k.a. Dullard
  3. The Disruptive Child
  4. The Far_King_L Cunt

The Multiple Personality Disorder Sufferer

This Troll species has its own sub-species:

  1. The Stirrer: An established user who creates an alter ego for the purposes of stirring trouble. This Troll will often post fake pictures, have a 'cyber-sex-change', make use of PMs and quote imaginary message logs.
  2. Billy-No-Mates: A new user (most likely without friends in The Real World) who instead of taking it steady, getting to 'know' online personalities and contribute 'value' posts, instead charges in, submitting tens of posts of drivel per day, then when established users turn on them, they create further user identities to defend the 'original' user.

The Attention Whore

This Troll is unable to exercise self-restraint. Not one to understand the concept of, "quality not quantity," this user racks up an enormous number of posts in a very short period of time; possibly 1 post out of every 50 of which adds value to a thread. Dale is an attention whore.

The Disruptive Child

This Troll is usually a civvy with no understanding of things martial. Again there are sub-species:

  1. The Woolly-Minded-Liberal: a closed-minded individual; war and everything associated with it is 'bad'. No discussion; they are right.
  2. The Anti-Establishment Provocateur: not to be confused with a Devil's Advocate, this Troll is, like the Woolly-Minded-Liberal, a closed-minded individual who has read anti-establishment literature, but has neither the intellect or the inclination to think about what they have read, thus can only repeat it parrot-fashion.
  3. The Walt: someone who pretends to be something they are not. An annoyance and an insult to those who 'do'; despite being proven not to know of what they speak, this shameless Troll will post spuriously till the end of time. This Troll is occasionally found on other military-related websites and will sometimes be invited to play amongst the Big Boys & Girls of ARRSE.

Far_King Deluded

Wages war on imaginary oppression and nominal racism. An antisocial and disturbed cunt, behaving like Violet Elizabeth Bott. On ARRSE, either a civvy or an ostensibly 'served' but undeployed, REMF STAB descending into madness. This type may display some or all of the following psychotic behaviours:

  1. The Far_King_L Troll: patently retarded and wasting its life trolling ARRSE under numerous Sock Puppet accounts, over many years. Not able to sustain relationships.
  2. Delusions of Eloquence and Import: white-knights nominally 'oppressed' minorities to the point of absurdity. They'd not give him the time of day.
  3. OCD: habitually hunts - or invents - racism and racists on ARRSE. Tip: they're banned.
  4. Complicated Schizophrenia: presents traits from all the other types.
  5. An Exemplary Case of the Dark Tetrad: so disturbed and antisocial as to be forever friendless, ridiculed, and excoriated.

N.B. Do Not Feed: these oxygen thieves sadly thrive on publicity.

External References

Kremlin-linked agencies and 'Malign Influence' trolls.

"Trolls just want to have fun"; Buckels, E. E., et al. Personality and Individual Differences (2014).

The noxious variables are known as the 'Dark Tetrad' of personality – narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadistic personality (Buckels, Jones, & Paulhus, 2013; Furnham, Richards, & Paulhus, 2013)

Wikipedia has a full description of internet trolls, including a history of the term.