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Tony Blair

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The most cowardly, spineless and useless PM the UK has ever had... in the whole world... ever... at least since John Major. Also known as TCB.

Bliar is becoming increasingly insane and now thinks:

  • it's possible to identify future criminals in the womb
  • that all children (except the kids of the rich and famous) should be indexed in a secure database accessed by a mere 300,000 to 400,000 civil servants, police, social workers, Islamic fundamentalists and pedophiles
  • he can last another 12 months in the PM job (as at September 2006)

Married to the lovely, fragrant and ever so slightly money grabbing Cherie Blair, he's currently looking for a "legacy", having largely failed to leave anything useful in his premiership so far - apart from dragging the once-glorious Labour Party down to Tory levels of sleaze - coupled with a Communist tendency to use the big lie whenever possible.

He isn't going to leave a positive legacy however. He's left it too late and is too much of a cockweasel. In the words of (lefty comedian) Marcus Brigstocke, "You're Bernard Manning playing the Guardian Christmas Party. You blew it!" Sage words indeed.

There are numerous military personnel, civilians and ex-serving personnel who have expressed opinions (valid) on the conduct of Mr Tony Blair in respect of his views of the military and their roles. These opinions have been published by Reuters and reproduced in numerous national and local newspapers, as well as those in Australia at the time of writing. These views can be found at