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Date Joined 20 September 2005
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Location Jockshire
Drink G&T - With Ice and a Slice :D
Intrests fun booze and sex!..oh wait what's that again? :(
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Tigger's wiki page, just to get the ball rolling.

The Matelot: She's lovely! (sigh)

Darth Doctrinus: I agree - and she swears like a trooper as well! A good sport all round and let's hope there are more where she came from! :)

A - Good lass, one of the many Arrse maidens I am attempting to get out my way! Or begging, who knows!

linemanloz: I concur, shes looovvvverly

Little Miss Tigerbaby is a clever little thing, currently working on a degree in Psychology, so another one of the Student types, so she will be looking to mess with the head of young soldiers in the years to come, take that as you will!

Living in Jockland she has one of them funny accents, but is still alright to talk to. As such she is not adverse to oats in the morning followed by pizza and a battered Mars bar for dessert, despite this dodgy diet she still manages to maintain the figure of a goddess, you would never guess that she had popped two sprogs out! This of course, makes her yummy mummy. She has been romantically linked with PartTimePongo. However she is currently a single hottie, sure that wouldn’t last long though, gentlemen form an orderly queue. (Edited by Tiger to add - Try it and I'll shoot you down before you can even say 'hi I'm desperate and ugly so I have to look on the net for luuuurrrrve')

When not playing the diligent mum, or gaining that degree she can be found advising the jockenese on fashion sense! Either that or drinking!! She does not have a favorite drink, some people call this open-minded the rest of us call it greedy, so she’ll drink anything, but she is partial to a Gin & Tonic.

Errr cheers liney! Next time you're bored please tell me beforehand so I can tape your fingers to the fcuking desk, it'll keep you amused for hours... Mind you, you did get the brainy, hottie, goddess mummy bit right, 10/10 mate :D But I'll be fcuked if I accept the... oh no wait... it's all true... bugger... Ach dammit midget boy! Nothing for me to edit bar your spelling and a warning to any twat thinking singledom means my knickers are flaping around in the wind, outside my door as a welcome flag for all. Oh and the G&Ts I'm very partial to, as well as stella, corona, tequila, bubbly, guiness, sourz, wine (red and white) and pretty much anything else the bar stocks.

An East Midlands Crawl Survivor