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== Who he? ==
Handsome regular of the site, known for [[Airbumming]], sexual deviancy and cooking with square plates.  Formerly known as DavidCameron and JesterRIP prior to that - TM has been around since 2005 in one form or another, quietly sitting on the sidelines (often during the working day, with the site usually minimized to avoid suspicion that he is indeed one lazy waste of oxygen, skin and rations).
== Dirty BAT ==
In recognition of master airbumming status, he sports a [ 'DirtyBAT'] banner, created by [[The Lord Flasheart]] to mark the rivalry that exists between Squawks and Aviation [[REME]]s.  Along with [[Fugly]] and [[VerticalGyro]] who are often found swapping dits in the NAAFI, generally relating to tales involving Arborfield, Wokingham, Reading, drink, vomit, slappers, urban escape and evasion, or all of the above.
== Prime Minister ==
Not to be confused with the real Prime Minister, Mrs May.  One of them looks awkward eating fish and chips, messes up public speaking, constantly repeats themselves trying to convince everyone they're strong and stable and looks like they're chewing a lemon.  The other is a politician who wanted to stay in Europe and is now leading us out of it, apparently.

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