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The Kurgen

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An East Midlands Crawl Survivor

Named because of a scary likeness to an immortal being who dislikes Scotsmen with swords. Geneally sociable , with a blunt old worldly charm, unfortunetly suffers from Armed Forces Induced Tourettes. Once described as the type of bloke that muggers jump out on and exclaim "Oh I `m sorry,I thought you were someone else!"

Sounds like a good bloke. I have met him but have not seen his face as I would need tower scaffolding to get to a decent height to see it! Passes the Port like a true gent and can drink for England (I think the only place not barred from)Gillylady

An alternate view is that he's actually not as tall as he looks. In all the photos in the Gallery, he's just standing a lot closer to the camera than anyone else.

He's really only 5'1". However, unlike most shortarses, he's an incredibly pleasant and obliging chap, oft coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress.