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The Army Rumour Service

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The Army Rumour Service is the premier British Army community on the internet. For getting started you may like to examine the Ten Basic Things that all new Users should know.


ARRSE came into being in early Jan 2002 and was created using MS Frontpage. It soon became apparent that this wasn't up to the task and this was soon replaced by YaBB (Yet Another Bulletin Board). This was a significant improvement and supported the rapid expansion of the site. Unfortunately it was based on a flat file structure which created vast numbers of individual files that soon made backing the site up a nightmare.

The next upgrade to the site in saw it move to a fully fledged Content Management System named PHPNuke. This operated on a Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP system and gave a significant improvement in functionality, reliability and speed. Unfortunately PHPNuke also had a reputation for poor security and this led to the site being hacked by some Brazilian hackers in May 2004. After almost a week of downtime the site was restored and since then security has been the number one priority of the COs.

The drive for increased security led to a further change of software to CPGNuke, an offshoot of PHPNuke.