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Date Joined 06 December 2004
Posts To many to be healthy
Location Boxheadland

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Rear Party.

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TheBull140 is a fine figure of a man, actually he's the fine figure of about 6 men but he doesnt let that get to him. Often seen with his partner in crime Smoojalooge his entrance in chat is often greeted with "where's the other one".

Also known as Bully, his recent departure to the land of Beer and Bratties has developed his love for the odd drink and Bully can often be seen enjoying a quiet drink in the company of fellow Arrsers and has been known to spend the next day very hungover entering these anticts into the Arrsepedia. His entries are usually greeted with comments of "that's not true" and "we didn't do that did we". Bully has no idea but has not let things like the truth get in the way of anything.

Has recently been joined in BFG by Smoojalooge and between them are attempting to rid the area of beer and rather dodgy green shoes.

Sluice_dweller - just wish he'd learn were he lived or get the tinternet!

A Christmas London Crawl survivor

A Cardiff ARRSE Crawl survivor

A Army_v_Navy_Crawl_2006 survivor

An East Midlands Crawl Survivor