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Tessa Jowell

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I've just put the budget for the Olympics on 13 black!

Bliar 'babe' [Really?]. sacked by Gordy Broon as Head Shed of the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, has now been appointed as Minister for the Olympics and London, which will probably put the final kibosh on any hopes of the Olympics taking place on time or on budget.

As Head Shed at DCMS, attempted to sell mega casinos and 24 hour gambling as good for you. Made arrse of announcement by NOT giving a mega casino to the correct Labour party bribers ... err ... donators. Cue more anti government action from m'learned friends.

There's something of the chaotic about our Tessa. She seems to share that quality exhibited by her cohorts - i.e. a totally fucking useless politician who leaves a trail of destruction behind her. Actually resigned from her husband to spend more time with her job.

Currently has tinkers at the bottom of her garden. Story here.

Nearly as useless as Hazel 'I dont understand so I'll smile inanely' Blears

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