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Where do the Tels Techs fit into the scheme of things now?


In here I think

Arte et Marte

I once heard a recently passed recruit in the seventies convincingly relate to a bunch of navy types Arte et Marte stood for REME combat corps. The twist to open belt buckle was designed so that camels could be disconnected quickly from towing disabled tanks knocked out by Africa Corps in Western Desert. They were game bunch of lads and bought us all a pint for invention!! God bless the BL Clubs and us pratts that were allowed to inhabit them.

In Detmold in seventies we invented TRAF (who remembers out there?)It was new unit with IMMENSE promotion opportunities.We managed to get requests for application forms all the way to IBR Corps. They tried to trace it back bur never succeeded!

Tom Corrigan are you out there still. Remember the chain of VW's to transport your family??

Bielafeld. As HQ 1 BR corps the Naafi had the most wonderful selection of port! On returning to Blighty I was asked where I had learned to specify certain labels. Wonderful for a mere corporal!!

On a run to Blighty I used the LAD minibus complete with Corps colours and insignia on each door. I was invited to pay duty on the value of the vehicle. On my question 'Would you drive one of these?' they conceded the point!!