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Revision as of 17:58, 25 March 2019 by RitchieRitch69 (talk | contribs)
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Re SysOp interference with the Wiki. No wonder this facility is rarely used, when those who do use it get shat all over by the precious power crazy little Mod with nothing better to do. Obvs the overzealous/ obsessive SysOp either doesn't understand what a Wiki is - or it prefers to act the 24/7 dullard. Lighten up Mr Dweeb, and grow up, this is not your personal fiefdom.

  • The snotty little Mod concerned is directed to the Arrsepedia intro.
  • The most important thing is that you or anyone else can contribute immediately with no interference. You can start new pages or edit existing ones". It's not rocket science.

  • Definition of a wiki: Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content.

Cue snottograms and teddy chucking because someone stood up to the autocratic little dullard.


How ironic that you mention "teddy chucking" and being a dullard when you create a talk page to do a bit of "teddy chucking" about a page where you write a lot of dull crap.

I locked the page because whilst the ARRSEpedia does sail pretty close to the wind when it comes to user pages, labelling someone a paedophile isn't on. If you spent half the time contributing to other articles - making the 'pedia a better place - rather than adding edit after childish edit against a user, you wouldn't come across as petty little prick. Grow up.

--Ritch (talk) 04:26, 2 March 2019 (UTC)

Moderate Arrsepedia Properly and Honestly or Go Somewhere Else

In reply to this rather strange SysOp: a few comments (ignoring the abuse):

  • SysOp does not understand plain English on the ARRSEpedia front page: "The most important thing is that you or anyone else can contribute immediately with no interference. You can start new pages or edit existing ones".
  • Autocratic censorial SysOp pokes his nose in to trash the Arrsepedia whenever he gets bored. Strange and abusive behaviour by any standards.
  • SysOp still doesn't understand that public Wikis are collaborative.
  • This is a very peculiar way to moderate a public wiki, what with all the constant interference from this Sysop. Never seen it before, anywhere.
  • SysOp appears to have missed the point and purposes of a public Wiki.
  • Of course it is ridiculous to label anyone a paedo, without proof. Cheers Dits.
  • This user did not "label" anyone a "paedophile", anywhere, ever.
  • As the history will show: a.n.other user implied that Mothman was a paedo.
  • SysOp tells big porkies. Dishonest Sysop interfered with the Mothman wiki page the first time, *without* removing its paedophile references and then tries to cover his tracks.
  • SysOp obviously thinks he's on the main boards where it can edit posts on a whim while abusing ARRSEpedia users.
  • Putting it mildly, apparently doesn't respond well to criticism.
  • No wonder so few use this facility with our funny little Napoleon mincing about here.

Just a tip...

Why don't you go and have a whinge to the CO's if you think I'm bring such a nasty bully? I look forward to being told off for being such an autocrat.

You're boring as well as incredibly childish. I removed your edits, locked the page and you throw a hissy fit that looks alike to a toddler being told he can't watch Peppa Pig anymore.

Have a nice evening.

--Ritch (talk) 17:58, 25 March 2019 (UTC)