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TAP 47

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TAP 47

Also known as Lizard Camouflage. TAP 47 is a French camouflage pattern derived from the Denison Smock but with narrower, overlapping streaks intended to blend into its environment. TAP 47 camouflage is heavily associated with various African countries as well as elite forces such as the French Foreign Legion, Greek Raider Force, Russian Spetznaz and South Africa's 32 Battalion - Buffalo Battalion, and of course Rodders.

M1947 Para smock

Based (very loosely) on the Denison Smock and first used by the French Paras in Indochina, then Algeria and the Suez crisis, then used by the Israeli defence force paras in the six-day war etc, and also (albet less well known) by US Special Forces in Europe in the 1960's. Really well, and expensively made, HBT cotton material, four large front pockets all with trebble snap-fastener flaps (and these all have double studs). Top right has pen pocket on front, ventilation eyelets under arms. One inside right, and one vertical zippered left chest pockets, zip and button front, draw-cord hem and elasticated buttoned cuffs. Many were also worn as shirts. This smock and matching trousers were well ahead of its time.

M1947/52 (Indochina Pattern)


This model has smaller lower pockets with two press studs on each pockets.

M1947/56 (Algeria Pattern)


This model has the smaller lower pockets replaced by larger pockets, same as the breast ones with three press studs on each pockers.