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TAP 47

Also known as Lizard Camouflage. TAP 47 is a French camouflage pattern derived from the Denison Smock but with narrower, overlapping streaks intended to blend into its environment. TAP 47 camouflage is heavily associated with various African countries as well as elite forces such as the French Foreign Legion, Greek Raider Force, Russian Spetznaz and South Africa's 32 Battalion - Buffalo Battalion, and of course Rodders.



Again, another Dennison derived camo pattern of South Vietnamese origin that became popular for use in jungle environments. Mostly associated with Southeast Asian countries who still use it today, it was used by the Australian and New Zealand version of THEM and still today by the French Foreign Legion in French Guyana. Not a bad camo pattern but sadly has become somewhat tacky due to extensive usage by spams and airsoft mongs.

Although this pattern is often seen by many as ally, it must be noted that actually the users of this pattern have lost wars (South Vietnam, Tamil Tigers etc.).